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I’ve always been a huge fan of bringing nature indoors with cut flowers, house plants and dried stems (with the more recent addition of preserved flowers thanks to discovering Shida). In recent years, since we’re all starting to become more conscious of the impact purchases have on our environment I’m trying to sway from weekly cut flowers, instead just using them as a special treat or taking cuttings from the garden to pop in a jar. Taking away the cut flowers has left me looking for alternative ways to bring life into the house & make a statement with nature. I’ve spent the last month researching the benefits of certain house plants & I’ve added them into my collection wherever possible to try and purify the air whilst creating a design feature. With the help of Ivyline (and a quick house plant dash to Ikea) here is what I’ve achieved…

I’ve started with the kitchen – diner and will follow through to other rooms when I have the time/money/see the benefits, creating a bit of a scandi, urban jungle vibe with smaller plants in an eclectic mix of pots leading to the gallery wall area where larger plants are given height in pots on legs.

On the table I planted Aloe Vera which looks perfect in the concrete marbled pot, the gel in the leaves is a great skin treatment for inflamed or dry skin (not to mention sun burn!).

I added Devils Ivy for some volume in the geometric, grey pot which is great for air purification and is also though to bring good luck & prosperity (and we all need a bit of that don’t we?).



In the super cute ‘Feed Me’ pot I’ve planted a cactus that I already had in a different pot, this complements the aloe vera well and adds a touch of symmetry to the table.


At the top of the table I planted a peace lily in the botanical print pot, I think this leads the eye to the larger plants on the floor well. I love peace lily’s, they’re low maintenance and work hard to remove toxins from the air & add a little humidity in otherwise dry environments.


The monstera in the hammered gold pot sat on the pew is another plant recycled from a different room. It makes such a statement in any space & is great for filtering air pollution.


In the ‘jungle corner’ as my 3 year old is now calling it is a trio of different height pots and plants that add interest whilst complimenting each other. The snake plant in the concrete pot on legs cleans the air better than most other indoor plants as it absorbs excessive amounts of carbon monoxide. The elephants ear, planted in the gold bamboo pot (which could also make a great paper bin) is my favourite new addition to the plant collection. How stunning are its white veined leaves, they look amazing with the striped pot. The final plant to complete the look is the calathea planted in the water hyacinth basket on legs (which I just love), as well as looking beautiful the calathea purifies the air & closes it’s leaves at night.



What are your favourite house plants with benefits?


N.B – This post is written in collaboration with Ivyline & contains gifted items.


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