A grand design for a child’s bedroom – project flashback

Sometimes you have to stop and look back at what you’ve achieved, when working as an interior designer (just as in many industries). Those little Instagram memory reminders stopped me in my tracks this morning as it popped up with the wonderfully playful project I worked on for Grand Designs Live back in 2018. This room-set was designed to showcase just how fun a child’s bedroom can be, alongside adding personality without taking away the style and design finishes to create a room that serves it’s purpose. The room was installed and completed over the course of 2 days including laying the floor, painting the walls and fitting the blinds, artwork and lighting, such a mission having all trades onsite in a huge exhibition hall in the centre of London. You can imagine my relief when the room was installed and I could retire to my hotel room for a long bath & some room service.

When the show opened I hosted a drop in design clinic for members of the public to chat through their interior design needs, meeting some super interesting people a few of whom became clients of mine. My desk was right by the room-sets so I could hear all of the lovely comments from passers by, at one point we even let some children enter to draw their own masterpieces on the chalkboard painted walls (so cute). A highlight was when the Grand Designs legend Kevin McCloud visited the room-sets to discuss their favourite parts of each, I remember the neon climbing wall was a huge hit and the show presenter Kunle Barker getting in touch some time later to share that he’d built a climbing wall in his daughters bedroom inspired by our room. A panel talk discussing all things interior design with our fellow designers ended the show and the room was dismantled with the individual elements being reused or sold on.

The room itself was designed to feel magical in a gender neutral way for a child aged between approximately 4 and 9 years of age. Half of the walls were painted in black chalkboard paint, unexpected I know for a children’s bedroom but we like to be bold (and it really aids with sleep, kind of makes the entire room a blackout space). On the black walls we added colourful lighting, artwork and our fun, neon climbing wall. The opposite walls were painted half white and half yellow, this framed the cabin bed and as we chose a brush stroke ‘unfinished’ look this flowed well with the kids artwork across the chalkboard walls. The flooring was a fun, soft artificial grass, chosen to add to the feeling of an outdoor playground indoors when combined with the teepee, wall and slide. We added playful artwork, a customisable, changeable light box and some super cute storage baskets to complete the look. It was a huge hit and we became pros at fun spaces for children ever since.

We can create a playful children’s bedroom or playroom for you using our E-design service wherever you are in the world. If you prefer a ‘hands-on’ service we can work together in Estepona/Marbella area of Malaga, Southern Spain or in Yorkshire area of the UK. Get in touch to discuss your project specifics or to book your project in for your little ones.

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Grand designs live London, childrens bedroom design by Natalie Lockwood Interiors

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