About Natalie Lockwood Interiors

I’m Natalie, founder of interior design studio and store Natalie Lockwood Interiors.

I’m an interior designer dedicated to creating spaces filled with personality. Designing a functional space filled with character and charisma is my main aim.

Founded in 2013, Natalie Lockwood Interiors began as a blog and soft furnishings online store and grew from there to become the trusted, international design studio you see today. Graduating from the National Design Academy in 2014, Natalie Lockwood interiors has been featured at Grand Designs Live, Ideal Home Show and in multiple national publications. Along with my small team I am as passionate as ever about creating timeless, personal spaces for my clients no matter what size their project or budget is. I believe interior design should be accessible to the many and here at Natalie Lockwood Interiors we are doing our bit to change the view that it’s reserved only for the wealthy.
Having built strong relationships with suppliers and tradespeople across the UK and southern Spain, we can work together on your project in these areas currently or we have a tried and tested E-design service available if you are further afield.
Our natural world is the ultimate source of inspiration for me, with that in mind it’s very important that all projects are as sustainable as can be and with that in mind we will be planting a tree in honour of every client that chooses to work with us on their project.
“If I see it in nature, I know it will work in a home” Miles Redd
I’m taking bookings for both residential and commercial projects in 2023 and would love to chat to you in more depth about we can work together!