Upcycling inspiration from Mijas Pueblo

…in particular a wine shop and bar on the famous San Sebastian, the street shared by travellers across the world as the perfect example of a traditional andalusian village. Here’s an image of Mr LMH & Master LMH having an evening wander up San Sebastian.


There’s inspiration for upcycling all over in Mijas, most shops, bars or restaurant have the odd upcycled element thrown in there (very often using the ever versatile pallet wood). I’ve showcased a couple in previous blog posts, you can have a read here. The wine bar I’m featuring here (which also happens to be one of my favourite spots for a glass of Cava) has a more classic take on upcycled interiors, using wine barrels, old wooden winery equipment and sunbleached reclaimed wood for benches…all sounds a little ‘seen it all before’ right? Until you add the beautiful tabletops by talented local artist Joshua Van Den Eeden, sculpted from cement and carefully selected minerals then inlayed with old pesetas (remember those from pre Euro?), glass and other found objects. I am seriously lusting after a whole kitchen worktop but a girl can dream right? The design is enhanced with vine leaf prints from fallen leaves and how could you not love the gorgeous colours in the surface.

Please tell me I’m not alone in spending the whole visit to a bar/restaurant completely wrapped up in the decor and forgetting to drink my drink (Cava actually warmed up, although it was nearly 40 degrees so I’ll blame the weather). Here’s a link to their Facebook page if you’re visiting Mijas this summer and fancy some good wine and good interiors.


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