Spotlight on Bamboo

Bamboo is having a bit of a moment in the interiors world, maybe for its tropical vibe which is so popular at the moment or maybe (as I like to think) it’s because it’s such a versatile Eco material. Bamboo is seen as sustainable as it grows back much quicker than the wood we traditionally use in interior design, especially oak. It became popular in interior decorating in the 50s when tiki bar chic became one of the top style trends to recreate in your home. If this vintage poster is anything to go by it’s no wonder bamboo is having a revival, paired here with millennial pink, palm leaved house plant, decorative skull and hide print rug…all staples of a cool interior scheme today!

Bamboo then developed into the look most of us remember, think conservatory 3 piece sofa sets in the interiors ‘matchy-matchy’ era we all love to rebel against.  Check out this great example of a full furniture set paired with brown walls and carpets (great bit of inspo but pretty certain I couldn’t live in this room).


Today we use bamboo in interiors in lots of different ways, accessories to chairs to flooring (who doesn’t love a vintage bamboo chair with a beautiful Icelandic sheepskin casually thrown over it?).

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A bamboo starburst mirror is always a winner above the fireplace, it looks especially interesting on a dark wall.


This summer (or the couple of days we’ve had of it this year) the material of the season for outdoor living has by far been bamboo. I love this patio area that uses bamboo furniture with potted bamboo beautifully (a modern take on ‘matchy matchy’).


Bamboo flooring is growing in popularity with a huge choice of finishes available it’s the biggest way bamboo can help you create a sustainable home especially if you use it throughout your whole home or in an open plan living space. Bamboo parquet is my current favourite.


With the trend growing year on year for sustainable home decor it’s looking like bamboo will be sticking around (even high street brands are using bamboo prints and shaping in their home accessory ranges). How would you use bamboo in your home? And don’t forget to keep your eye on Gumtree, Preloved, local second hand stores…wherever you source your unique home pieces as there are still lots of bamboo finds to be hand and if it’s vintage then it doubles the eco credentials and gives you something to be really proud of  (any excuse to pour yourself a G&T).

If you’d like me to help you add a little (or a lot of) bamboo to your home you can book my E-Design service here for a room makeover or just some styling and accessorising.

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