An interior designers day at the Alhambra Palace

interior designer visit to alhambra palace granada

The Alhambra palace is the most visited monument in the whole of Spain whilst also being one of the best preserved pieces of Islamic architecture in the world. The Alhambra is located in the city of Granada, Andalucia, an area I’m currently lucky enough to call home for the time being. Having said that life […]

Happy New Decade – Hello 2020

Happy New Year!!! It feels like forever since my last blog post. I hope you’ve all had a lovely festive break however you spent it. We had a very quiet one this year and it’s been completely lovely, having time for playing, walks, cooking & movie watching whenever we feel like it…it’s been perfect! I […]

Holiday Let Spain – Interior Design Project

This Spanish townhouse on the Southern coast of Spain has been a holiday rental for some years but was in major need of some updating. I used the traditional base of marble, terracotta and white paint to build a tropical rustic vibe for the house that perfectly suits its 5 minute walk proximity to the […]

2019 Goals – 90 Day Progress

After attending a goal setting workshop at Wizu workspace Leeds with the brilliant Kat Horrocks (listen to her podcast if you don’t already it’s fab!) I completed a goal setting workbook for 2019 which really made me think about what I was focussing my time on and what I wanted to gain from life/work/myself. At […]

Making everyday items in your home a design feature

While we can perfectly plan and design a room to look beautiful, homely, comfortable and stylish, there are some everyday items that you wouldn’t want to remove, and thanks to some simple tweaks you can make the design feature in your home too. My personal pet hate in a room is a T.V, it needs […]

Interior Design Project – Barbers Shop

This industrial barbers shop project was one of the first commercial projects I took on and remains one of my favourites. The inspiration for the design came from 90s factory conversions that paired industrial features with bold uses of primary colours. The space was a shell when we took it on, a shop unit in […]

Shopping Your Home

For as long as I’ve had a home to shop I’ve been rearranging furniture, creating new collections to display and swapping artwork from room to room. Now this seems to have become a trend called ‘Shopping the home’ and I am FULLY ONBOARD with it. Shopping your home is a great way to freshen up […]

September Lust List – Styling Your Rental

This months Lust List is dedicated to everyone heading off to new student accommodation. I’ve sourced large and small items all made sustainably, budget friendly and most importantly they won’t annoy your landlord! I’m seriously lusting after the constellation wallpaper and not only because it is easy to stick on and remove without any damage […]

Reflecting on 2018 so far…

August is a notoriously quiet month here at Little Mill House, so quiet in fact that by the end of the month I start to think that being employed is a much better option than being self-employed and browse the Linkdin jobs section (it’ll never happen, I’m a terrible employee!). I know this is just […]

Taking time to breath…

As you know I’m a self-employed interior designer, working from home whilst also looking after little LMH can be a little bit of a crazy balancing act! The toddler is only in nursery school 2 mornings a week and the rest of the time my work gets done during nap-time, in the evening and at […]