Making everyday items in your home a design feature

While we can perfectly plan and design a room to look beautiful, homely, comfortable and stylish, there are some everyday items that you wouldn’t want to remove, and thanks to some simple tweaks you can make the design feature in your home too. My personal pet hate in a room is a T.V, it needs to be positioned in a dominant way & completely take over a room!

Just a few simple additions can make the television look like a feature on the wall, choosing a specific type of carpet for the stairs, or buying specific lighting for different areas of the home, can all play a big part in making these everyday items in your home a design feature that makes the space blend together seamlessly.

Lights behind the TV

LED backlights behind televisions which are fixed to the wall will make your TV look a lot more stylish, plus it’s great for ambient lighting when you’re relaxing in the area too. This is an interior design trick I regularly use when styling a television into a room. Installing the lights in such a small space can be tricky, but with the help of LED Extrusion profiles you can install strip lighting in an efficient way. With the addition of a LED strip extrusion you can install lighting much easier and the lighting is less likely to get damaged or need replacing.


Runner carpet on the stairs

Instead of carpeting the whole of the stairs, make them a feature when you walk in the room by painting the actual stairs and installing a runner carpet up the middle of them. This looks instantly more stylish, and you could even add in some lights running up the stairs or brass bars across each stair to further accentuate the bold look. You can be as bold as you dare with a stair runner!

Uplights on artwork

Whether you have some artwork or a beautiful photograph you’d like to draw everyone’s attention to, having some uplights or downlights installed under or above them will certainly make it a feature. Again, like lights behind the TV it’s a great way of having ambient lighting in the room too.


Paint a feature colour behind a bed

If you have a high headboard on your bed, then you can make this a big feature in your room by painting the wall behind it a contrasting colour, rather than in a shade similar. This is a beautiful way of making a bed a focal point in a room, especially if you have a really luxurious headboard on it.

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