2019 Goals – 90 Day Progress

After attending a goal setting workshop at Wizu workspace Leeds with the brilliant Kat Horrocks (listen to her podcast if you don’t already it’s fab!) I completed a goal setting workbook for 2019 which really made me think about what I was focussing my time on and what I wanted to gain from life/work/myself.


At first glance of my 90 days goals for the year my instant feeling was of huge disappointment in myself as I haven’t really made much progress on a couple of the goals I’d set specifically for January – March. But then I looked more closely and realised I’m well on my way with 3 of the 5 goals I set for the first 90 days of the year and I’m succeeding with 3 of my main goals for 2019 one of which is a work related goal and the other two being parenting focussed and ‘me time’ related, so really I’m doing pretty well.


I’m not going to lie, being a virgo and seeing that I hadn’t achieved all that I’d hope for the first quarter of the year made me want to throw out the workbook and brand myself as a failure for all time (perfectionism is a curse really isn’t it?). Slowly I’m coming around to the idea that it doesn’t matter all that much if my clients, me and my family are all happy, does it?


So, this rambling post is all about keeping myself accountable and changing up my focus for April – June to continue with my progress and making a start on my neglected 2 goals for the year. Let’s see where I’m at by the end of June!

N.B – I completely appreciate that this post is a rambling, personal, un-interiors or sustainability related post so thank you for sticking with it to the end. Normality will resume next week with some interiors posts, in the meantime if you’ve any life hacks that help with goal setting (and sticking with) I’d love to hear them, Natalie x

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