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For as long as I’ve had a home to shop I’ve been rearranging furniture, creating new collections to display and swapping artwork from room to room. Now this seems to have become a trend called ‘Shopping the home’ and I am FULLY ONBOARD with it. Shopping your home is a great way to freshen up your home (especially in January) without having to spend extra money or throw out perfectly good items. I tend to swap a few bits and pieces around at least twice a year, admittedly I usually add in the odd new purchase too but it’s definitely not essential to buy anything new to create a new look room with things you already have floating around. January is a great time to have a change around, it’ll boost your mood in a month when we are all super conscious of not spending after the overindulgence of December, hence why this blog post is being published a day before Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year! Tying a little shopping spree around the home in with a spring clean would be the ultimate January freshen up of your home, I hear cleaning is a very cool hobby these days??! If you do fancy a little January treat to add to your home decor then I wrote a January sale edit last week that you can check out here.

Here are a couple of recent swaps I’ve made around LMH to give you a little inspo…

This airplane trolley has been used as a bar cart/kitchen island for years, I’ve finally moved it out of the kitchen and given it a new home in the living room, creating a colour blocked feature with the lamp, record player and the trolley itself.


Once I’d switched the trolley out I was without a bar cart and we can’t have that can we? I brought the oil drum trolley down from the bedroom where we’d been using it as a bedside table and it looks perfect in the kitchen as it’s nearly a colour match for the kitchen cupboards.

What have you switched around in the home that now looks as good (if not better) than it did before?


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