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This week is one particularly close to the heart of Little Mill House, National Recycle Week. It runs from 22nd – 28th of June and the aim is to raise awareness of the impact we have on our environment and how we can make a difference. The theme of this years Recycle Week is ‘Recycling Around The Home’, aiming to get every household thinking about their impact on our beautiful planet and how we can make small changes to help preserve it. The Recycle Now Facebook page has some amazing facts that show you how making even the smallest of changes can really make a difference, go have a nosey!

Over on Pinterest we have boards and boards of upcycling ideas using everyday items that we would normally throw away, from simple ideas using jars and tin cans to more challenging weekend projects using pallets and old doors. You’ll be surprised at what you can do with what is literally lying around.  The chutney jar upcycle in this previous blog post is the perfect example of how such everyday, simple materials can make such a great impact.

IMG_2087Once you’ve got used to reusing whatever you can within your home (do you really need to buy a new chair/wardrobe or will painting it a fresh colour make the change you’re wanting and save you some cash?), you can start thinking about the environmental impact the things you do need to buy new of. Since you are already reading our blog and some of you are Little Mill House customers I’m guessing you are already thinking about the impact your purchases have on the planet and whether buying them really do make a big difference so here are some facts for you to ponder:

  • Buying recycled glassware really does make a difference. There is 30% less impact on our environment in the process of making recycled glass products than there is when making new glass products. We think that’s huge, that’s why we make sure ALL the items we sell at Little Mill House made from glass are made from recycled glass.

WiBo Goblet

  • Recycled Cardboard makes a huge difference to the environment but very little difference to the final product you’re purchasing. Buying products made from recycled cardboard saves water, non renewable oil and space in landfill, all pretty good reasons to make that small change we think! Our stunning Greypants cardboard lighting is made from recycled cardboard along with all the items you find for sale at Little Mill House made from cardboard.

moons_virago copy

  • Furniture made from reclaimed wood saves our forests and preserves our eco system. In the last few years even main stream retailers have picked up on the fact that reclaimed wood is prefect for all kinds of furniture including beds, dining tables and wardrobes. At Little Mill House we are always looking out for new furniture ideas and our current range features furniture made from scaffold boards, shipping containers and old printers trays.

Cast Iron Geometric Table Side View With Bench & Right Leg_1236 copyHR (1)

We hope this weeks blog post for National Recycle Week has inspired and spread awareness as the more of us who help preserve this beautiful planet the better. Would love to hear what you’ve been doing for recycle week and to see how you recycle around the home send your images to

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