Ernest Journal Issue 3


We’ve just got our hands on the latest issue of our favourite indie bookazine Ernest Journal and we have to admit, we think it’s the best yet.

Ernest is a new, British independent journal published biannually that provides a little, much needed, escapism for us dreaming of unique adventures. The latest issue is as jam packed as ever with curious crafts and outdoor adventure, here is just a little of what you can expect:


A miscellany of curious tales and intriguing artefacts, including the regional language for rain, a pocket history of Rockford Socks, a recipe for pemmican and Bilbo’s seed cake, the legend of the Helm Wind and a guide to British bird beaks.


Unravel wild man mythology, explore the psychology of board games, delve into Victorian diableries and read about the man who fell into a storm.


Meet the London couple creating Terrariums – miniature worlds with their own microclimates – and explore Brutalism, Britain’s most divisive architecture.


Search for Iceland’s ‘hidden people’, follow the tale of history’s most durable mountain man Hugh Glass and walk in Pip’s footsteps as we explore the watery world that inspired Great Expectations.


Meet a mechanical inventor, explore the history of diving helmets and learn about jeweller’s tools.


Seek out an abandoned island, search the strandline for shipwreck flotsam and meet three generations of boatmen in our 24-page guide.


Unravel the origins of Fair Isle knitwear, explore the history of denim and the Gold Rush and meet a Margate alchemist who’s turning seaweed into scent.


Learn the ancient art of pit cooking and clay baking, rediscover London’s pub culture via Ian Nairn’s 1966 classic and cook up a meal in a travel kettle.

If it sounds like a read you wouldn’t be able to put down you can get your very own, printed in the UK, beautifully bound copy here.

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