Pinterest, still useful?

Going back a few years Pinterest was THE obsession for sourcing interior design inspiration. Everyone was using it from business owners to first time homeowners. We’d use it as an addition to interiors magazines before Instagram became the huge source of design inspo that it is today, so do you still use it?


I have to admit I stopped using Pinterest on a regular (daily) basis, instead turning to Instagram for my inspiration. I have no idea how that happened, probably nothing to do with Instagram being better than Pinterest it was just that I’d generally seen many of the images on there quite a few times whereas Instagram was full of new accounts showing now homes and design ideas I hadn’t seen before, it also had more local (UK based) accounts than Pinterest which must have lured me in and got me hooked.

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I’d still be using Pinterest for crafting ideas and activities to keep the baby/toddler entertained but rarely searched for interiors over there. Recently I’ve started to use Pinterest again for interior design projects as I’ve become more and more fed up of Instagram showing me the same old accounts day in day out (not to mention the ADs) and I’ve fallen head over heals back in love with the platform. I’m using it to moodboard for customers, find new and exciting bloggers and obviously as a source of interior design inspo too. It also seems to show me exactly what I’m wanting to find – not sure if this is due to Pinterest getting better or Instagram getting worse.

I’ve also dipped my toe into the Vero phenomenon that’s currently happening, it’s the first time that I’ve joined a social media platform at such an early stage but I couldn’t resist the lure of a platform with no ads or algorithms and such an appealing design. The app lets you share categorised content such as books, links, films…so your followers know exactly what they’re looking at and I don’t feel as pressured into only posting one type of content. You can follow me on Vero by searching Little Mill House.



How are you currently feeling about social media? Which platforms are your favourite for a little inspo and escapism? Where else do you look to for interior decorating inspiration?

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  1. Now that you mention it…I don’t get on Pinterest as much as I used to, even if it wasn’t a conscious change. I would say I get on a few times a week instead of daily. I find myself spending an increasing amount of time on Instagram following home décor bloggers, brands and designers.

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