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I’ve put together some of my dream buildings that I’d kill to live in. I’m not talking barn conversions and mill apartments (there’s nothing wrong with these, we live on a mill development ourselves), I’m talking bold, inspiring places most of us would never consider living in, that have been cleverly converted by talented geniuses. Some of them are open to the public as hotels and guest houses so we can ‘live the dream’ for lunch or a night.


You probably recognise the Water tower at Settle railway station from Restoration Man, every time we visit Settle or the surrounding area we have to have a nosey at this place. It’s so beautifully kept and blends into the surrounding station (which is still in use) perfectly.

Sticking with the railway theme, The Old Station Guest House near St Andrews gives you the chance to stay in a converted railway carriage, how cool is that for a weekend getaway?

I was completely fascinated with windmills as a child, we used to visit one of those family pub places that was in a converted windmill, which I think is what started off my love affair with them. This example also featured on Restoration Man and is the best I’ve seen. It’s very Rapunzel…don’t you think?

Spitbank Fort is an amazing hotel/wedding venue converted from a military fort over 150 years old just out of Portsmouth. This place is top of my wish list for a weekend getaway. It’s pricey but can you actually put a price on such a unique experience?

I could go on all day with amazing conversions but that would soon become a pretty boring read (I’ll save some for part two further down the line), I’ll just leave you with this place, because who on earth wouldn’t want to stay here for a holiday?!


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