Why Lush is unbeatable…IMO

I have long been a huge fan of Lush bath bombs, since I was a teenager they have always been a go-to affordable treat whenever I passed a store (I say affordable as I don’t pass by that often mainly due to there not being one on my doorstep). I was invited along to the opening evening of the new look Lush store and spa in Leeds last week and even though it took a train ride in the cold to get there I couldn’t miss seeing the new decor, having a spa tour and checking out all of their amazing new product ranges.


I’m trying very hard to cut out as much single use plastic as possible from our daily lives and Lush seem to be making that pretty easy where bathroom toiletries are concerned. The bubble bars are a regular product in our home, in particular Milky Bath as it is super bubbly, smells so fresh and is gentle enough for our toddler (who has suffered with dry skin since being a baby) to use. Other products we swear by for the little man’s dry skin are the bath bomb Ickle Baby Bot and Dream Cream, both are gentle enough for his skin but still smell great for anyone who suffers too!

The washcards which can be used in the shower to make you smell beautiful are, in my opinion, the most affordable way to make a sustainable change. There’s a huge range of scents to choose from, my current favourite is Cardamom Coffee.  Two other sustainable switches I’m keen to make and ashamedly haven’t yet gotten around to are to use packaging free shampoo and deodorant bars, in particular Aromaco and Soak and Float, both of which sound like they will suit my body perfectly and get great reviews.

One of my highlights of the Lush Leeds Spa opening evening was that I got to make my own bath bomb in the exact same way as they’re made in the Lush factory. I made a Shoot for the Stars bath bomb and it literally took me 2 minutes, with the help of the lovely Lizzie!

The spa tour was the other highlight of the evening, in the Leeds store it’s downstairs and as you head down the walls are cladded in reclaimed wood which gives such a warm, welcoming feeling and gives you a sign of the amazing decor to come.


Every spa treatment begins at the kitchen table in the Lush Spa kitchen, this is where consultations take place, what a lovely idea!? The decor is modern rustic heaven too throughout the spa with reclaimed wood and vintage accessories every way you look.

We toured the treatment rooms each of which is specifically designed for a certain treatment. The treatment room for Tales of the Bath has a beautiful roll top bath with candelabras all throughout the room, the ultimate pre treatment wind down if you ask me. The Planets treatment was given the largest room with space for the treatment itself and the palm reading that is part of the experience. My palms told the lovely therapist that I’m a bit of a closed book and take too many things on which sounds about right if I’m honest!


What are your favourite Lush products? I’d love to know what you think of the spa treatments too if anyone has been lucky enough to visit? A voucher for Tales of the Bath is at the top of my list to Father Christmas.

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