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The best thing about using upcycled elements in an interior design scheme (aside from it being great for the environment) is that it’s an instant way to add personality to the home. A recycled piece of furniture or reworked artwork have an instant story to tell which can be as personal to you as you feel comfortable with. Upcycling items with a former life in sport can be a simple way to add a quirky touch to the space of someone who loves sport or just as a way of adding colour to your home decor. Here’s a little round up of ways I’ve upcycled sports materials in projects and some ideas that are on my list to try.

I do love a tennis or badminton racket upcyle, my favourite ideas for them are a cool cluster of mirrors (pictured here in a dining room we designed a couple of years ago) and these beautiful embroidered pieces of wall art by Danielle Clough (on my wish list for one of our gallery walls for sure).


Reclaimed wood flooring has long been a popular choice but a reclaimed sports hall floor ups the style of a space instantly. It’s not just stylish it’s mega durable too and works brilliantly in open plan spaces. Here’s an image of a project we sourced some for last year, what do you think?


This image has been shared so many times across Pinterest and Instagram and deservedly so…it’s such a fun idea for a cloakroom and should be quite simple to achieve.


A piece of vintage gym equipment is always sure to add character to a space whether a gym mat headboard in the bedroom or a coffee table, above is a dining room bench we made from the top half of a vault horse and some vintage sacking.


If you fancy adding a little sporting touch to your interior but only subtly how about these skate wheel hooks? They’d look ace in a boys bedroom or to add a little fun to the hallway.

Have you added any cool upcycles to your home inspired by sport? If you’re more of a music person then check out our post on music inspired upcycled interiors here.

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