Upcycled Kitchen Updates

If you’re anything like me you will always be looking for small ways to reinvent and update your home. For me at the moment it’s the kitchen, I’m happy with all the major fixtures and fittings but just slightly bored of it all being the same and fancy a little change here and there. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that these changes need to be on a budget, simple to take on as a weekend project and above all environmentally friendly. I’ve been spending all of my evenings trawling through design ideas on Pinterest and wanted to share with you some of my favourite ideas, many of which I’m sure will be incorporated into the Little Mill House kitchen in the not so far away future!


Add some reclaimed wood shelves above your worktops. I’m currently on with this project, I’ve removed all the top cupboards which I felt made the space far too dark and claustrophobic and I’m going to add some shelves made from sanded old scaffold boards. It’s win win really, I get to style all my ingredients in old jars and tins, my colourful bowls and plates annnd everything’s easily to hand for quick weekday cooking, you see win, win.


Alternatively create a dresser style plate rack by sanding an old pallet and fixing it to the wall, simple and really budget friendly. (Note also the beautiful handmade reclaimed wood cupboard doors in this image are a dream!).


Why not clad the end of your kitchen island or units with reclaimed wood. This looks fantastic with the shelves on the wall behind. I’m considering this idea for the end of the units in the Little Mill House kitchen to break up the solid colour of the units and their doors.


This is such a sweet idea. Here they have used vintage welsh love spoons as cupboard door handles but you could use any vintage spoons or even mix it up with forks. This idea is a definite maybe for the Little Mill House kitchen.


If it’s your kitchen lighting that you’re wanting to update then how about this awesome light which would be so easy to make using cheese graters and reclaimed wood? The light patterns from the graters would look stunning.

I’d love to see your upcycled kitchen updates, email photos to info@littlemillhouse.co.uk. All of these images were found on the highly addictive Pinterest.

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