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I never went to university but visited friends who were and I don’t know how they managed to be inspired to work in such bland spaces, no wonder whenever I called they were in the library! When you have such limited space to display your favourite memories and are so limited on what you are allowed to do with the room it can be easy to just head to Ikea and buy EVERYTHING you’ll need to get buy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ikea and have plenty of their products in my home but buying everything from there when you’re leaving a home full of years of personality and memories probably won’t make the space feel like home. Here are some tips on how to create a room filled with personality and that will inspire you to work well:

Gallery Wall


Create a gallery wall next to your bed with a curated collection of photos and inspirational typography prints, include everything and everyone that makes you happy and it will instantly boost your mood whenever you need it. Frame the collection in matching frames to create a calm look that won’t overpower the small space (this is where Ikea comes in). To hang your gallery wall use Command damage free picture hanging strips, we wrote a post on how to use these here.



You’re probably limited to what you can change with the lighting in your room but that doesn’t stop you adding some cool lamps to the space, one by your bed and one on your desk. These will add personality to your room and allow you to change the atmosphere pretty easily.

Accessories your desk


You’re going to have to look at your workspace whether your working or relaxing so you may as well make it pretty! There are lots of cool recycled notebooks and pen pots on the market at the moment, check out Paperchase & Muji for the best selection or have a look at our desk accessories lust list from last month.



It’s likely you’re not allowed candles in most student halls but there are some great LED versions out there to create the look and feel a flickering candle gives. Candles are pretty essential for helping to unwind when cosying up with a movie after stressful, busy days.


How have you styled your student living space? I’d love to see!

(all photos from Pinterest)

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