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The master bedroom at home is my least favourite room in the house, despite the fact I love my bed, nothing in the room really harmonises. It began when we wallpapered a wall in a metallic forest paper that I knew wasn’t right before we started (always listen to your gut). Here’s said wallpaper looking lovely for a feature in Style at Home magazine but it just wasn’t for me.

Picture 351

Because there isn’t really anything wrong with the room this mini makeover needs to be on a really tight budget, I’m going to be using what is already in the house wherever possible with a few little additions from La Redoute (since there’s a sale on) and Ikea. I have some of the Banano wallpaper leftover from the Ideal Home Show & I’m seriously in love with it so it’s going to be a feature behind the bed. Since it’s such a bold choice for a bedroom it’ll be paired with muted greys and natural fabrics to create a calming vibe (which will hopefully lead to more sleep for me…fingers crossed). The walls are painted in Farrow & Ball‘s Elephants Breath already which I love and will work well to tone the paper down so that’s staying.



The bed (which I’m obviously not replacing since this is a mini makeover) will be dressed in this lovely grey bedding from La Redoute and a little trip to Ikea will be in order for a huge Osted rug and a couple of plants to add some greenery. The goat hide stool I already have and plan to make a feature of the magazines stacked around the place by creating a bedside table and styling with a grey decanter lamp and these gorgeous green recycled glass bottles. On the wall above the bed will be this huge skull I found in Homesense a while ago, it may get a little gold makeover too. I’m also planning on creating a gallery wall with landscape photos from our travels in a bid to get out of the habit of photos going no further than my iphoto! For the same reason I’m going to use the Illumin ¬†create-your-own light with black and white wedding photos to add another layer of personality to the room.

So there you have it, hopefully it shouldn’t take too long for you to see the end results as most elements of the design are already in the house (famous last words right)! Anyone else planning mini makeovers on a budget?

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