Little Mill House cushions in detail…

H.Webster-9785Here at Little Mill House cushions are VERY important, not only because they add colour and interest to any room with very little effort needed but also because it’s where everything started for us.

Nearly 2 years ago I started making myself cushions reusing vintage fabrics which I had (and still have) a very large collection of, such as silk scarves and tea towels. I had no idea I would end up making them for others all over the world!



I still source all the fabrics myself with a little help from some trusted friends and I make them all in my little home workshop, it’s my favourite part of my job. I stuff them with high quality cotton, feather inners which are made in a small factory down the road which I’m very proud to be able to say.

Most of the cushions end up being unique, one-off pieces as they are pretty hard to source in unused condition, which I think is great! Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find the same design twice and those days are always good days :o)  



The wedding anniversary designs are always popular at this time of year, we all want to give a unique gift right?

The vintage french mill sack cushions are one of the bestsellers and it’s obvious why…they look fab everywhere, whats more every time you look at them you see their hard life and history.

Keep a look out in the cushion section as we are always adding new cushions to the range and keep an eye out for our Best of Britain collection coming soon…


Natalie x






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