Lighting up the darker evenings

I love this time of year for many reasons, September is my birthday month and October is little LMH’s birthday so I have lots of lovely memories of early autumn birthday days out and Saturday nights in with a newborn and a take away watching Strictly (disclosure: never watched strictly until I had a newborn, now I can’t wait to watch every week…how times change ey?!). The autumn colours nature gives us each year are such a gift, they completely inspire me to switch up the accessories, bring out the blankets and stock up on hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course).

Alongside switching up the accessories in LMH it’s also time to up the lighting around the house, we prefer lamps and candlelight to fully lit rooms all year round but we add in lots more layers of lighting to a room once autumn/winter arrives. There are currently 6 lamps, 2 ceiling pendant lights, 2 strings of festoons and 11 candle holders in our living room ready for the sun to set so that they can come alive. It’s so easy to change the atmosphere of the room from playroom/family room during the day to cosy, romantic date-night-at-home just by upping your lighting stakes.

Mr LMH and I aren’t the only ones who love to get cosy on the autumn evenings!

bothlampshot kindly gifted me this industrial desk lamp and the tripod floor lamp in the background to add to my collection. The desk lamp is great for when I’m working from this room as the mornings are so dark.


How great is the spotlight lamp for a workspace? I’ve gone without a desk lamp in here for so long as I didn’t want to be looking at something too ‘desky’ when trying to relax on an evening. This cool industrial, camera style lamp looks perfect and does the job I need it to!


The gold tripod lamp is something which I’ve been lusting after for some time but haven’t been able to find an affordable one. This one comes in at a much cheaper price point than others I’ve looked at but the quality is still amazing! The lamp looks great when switched off during the day as it’s such a stylish design and then really makes the room come evening when it’s switched on. Also worth mentioning is that both of these lamps are photographed with LED warm white eco bulbs and I’m sure you’ll agree that they look warm and inviting just like a traditional bulb would (also gifted from


The final layer of my autumn/winter lighting is candlelight, equally as important as the larger elements as it adds small amounts of light around the room, stopping a dimly lit space from feeling too dark. The atmosphere created by candlelight is unrivalled IMO, I have a t-light sat ready to go in nearly every room of the house from September to March (then I switch to citronella outside!).

How do you light your home throughout the autumn and winter months? You can read more on how I style the house for Autumn here.


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