Happy New Year

I hope everyone saw 2017 out in a fun way whether you dressed up and went out or stayed in playing board games in your pjs (we did the latter and it was perfect, the Champagne and cheese board definitely helped to keep us in the party mood). I wanted to start the year by sharing some of my 2017 highlights with you along with some goals for 2018.

Last year was the most amazing year for the Little Mill House blog and it is all thanks to you lovely readers who follow along with our journey. I never thought some of the things we achieved would have been possible. My personal highlight was¬†designing a roomset for the Ideal Home Show back in June, it was crazily hectic & there we’re tears but it was such an achievement when the room was complete and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some AMAZING companies thanks to that show.

Bircan Tulga Photography 2016

Another highlight was watching the reader count of this little blog going up and up (LMH readers are up by almost 700% from 2016), I am genuinely so humbled by everyone that reads along and shares the same interests. I am hoping to try to maintain the growth throughout 2018 but won’t be having sleepless nights if numbers aren’t met and certainly won’t be changing the content of the blog…unless you guys want me to?! This growth lead me to being nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award which was SUCH a surprise and I’m so grateful for that nomination, it was a huge confidence boost, unfortunately I didn’t receive enough votes to be shortlisted but there’s always this year right?


Our budget bathroom makeover was the most popular post of 2017, we must all love a little DIY makeover. It was closely followed by the Blue Monday post, which I may re-share as blue Monday 2018 approaches in the next few weeks or maybe I should write an updated version of the post with new images? I guess that will depend on how quickly I can get the tax return done!

And what are my plans/goals for 2018 (other than completing the tax return)? I’ve not gone overboard with resolutions this year as they only seem to add additional pressure to life in my opinion, I plan to keep growing every LMH channel, keep having fun with the two year old and our little family and to read more (I do read quite a lot but the more reading the more inspo right?). As for interior projects at home, I’m planning on completing the finishing touches of our bedroom makeover that we seemed to begin a lifetime ago and transform the spare bedroom into a lovely bedroom/workspace…watch this space! The only inspo photo for the spare room at the moment is this of the Misguided office which I found on Pinterest.


THANK YOU so much for making this blog so much fun to write and hopefully there will be more inspiration and ramblings to come throughout 2018, you can’t wait right?!

Natalie x

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