Guest Bedroom Makeover

As you’ve seen from the abundance of revamp posts here at LMH we’re having a freshen up of the whole house. With the master bedroom, family bathroom & downstairs loo now complete it’s time for us to turn our attention to the guest bedroom. This space has been used in so many different ways over the 7 years that we have lived here, as a double guest room, as a guest room/work room, as a workroom/store room & finally as a store room/guest room (told you, a lot of different configurations as LMH has developed through the years). We no longer need to use the space to store stock so we are wanting to convert the room back to a single spare bedroom with a desk area so that I can still work in there when I want to (a change of scenery now and again). This bedroom makeover is hurried along by the fact that the LMH sister is back in the U.K for the summer & I want the space to be so beautiful that she is happy to babysit for us and have sleepovers so Mr LMH & I can enjoy some quality time together (we can all wish right!?).

Here’s the room in action throughout the years:

As with all of our room revamps we will be reusing whatever we can in the room to keep it sustainable & budget friendly. We want to create a relaxing neutral space for both sleep and work. The Ikea IVAR storage unit that used to house the LMH stock will be getting a makeover to create a stylish wall full of storage, shelfies and artwork.

Here’s the moodboard for the space that we plan to have completed mid July (ready for when my sister returns!):


 Featured image in header by Cheetah is the new black.

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