Father’s Day…don’t forget to spoil him rotten!

So the big day in Dads calendar is just around the corner, 15th June is the day to let him relax, eat, enjoy doing something he loves and of course, shower him with gifts. The latter is for me always the hardest bit…what on earth do you buy the guy with everything? If you have this same issue year in year out I’ve got some unique suggestions below that will hopefully inspire!


Lucky Buddha Glass

These Corona and Lucky Buddha glasses are handmade in Devon from old beer bottles, it’s fascinating how they have been reheated and melted whilst preserving all the fun details on the glass. They all come in these beautiful gift boxes too making them even more special for a gift.

Lucky in Box

If your Dad is a bit of a book worm these handprinted literature quotes would look great on his desk or bookshelf.

Gatsby Quote

They all come in handmade frames which fit the book pages perfectly and are printed on pages of the book the quote appears in.

Dickens Quote

My favourite idea has to be the amazing Mason Shaker, this could work great as a gift and a way to keep your Dad entertained making and tasting some yummy cocktails is bound to be a giggle.

Mason Shaker

This too comes gift boxed is a lovely recycled box.

Mason Shaker

Here’s a great manly cocktail recipe to get you started;

The Garibaldi


60ml Bourbon

15ml Campari

30ml Grapefruit Juice

25ml Honey Syrup (half/half honey & water)

A splash of fizzy wine or soda water

To Make:

Shake all ingredients in your Mason Shaker apart from the wine or soda.

Strain into a whiskey glass filled with ice and top up with a splash of fizzy wine or soda water.

Garnish with a flamed orange peel if you fancy (or dare)!

Raise a toast to your Dad and enjoy your drink :o)


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