Andalusian Upcycling

I’ve just returned from a trip to our family favourite…Andalusia. We try to visit this region of Spain as much as possible and the dream is to relocate there in the not so far away future (watch this space). I’ve returned back to the U.K feeling refreshed and inspired by our adventures in the Spanish sierras.


Spain has always been a great source of colour inspiration with its pretty whitewash villages (love this colour pop entrance spotted in Mijas) but the bold modern design that Spain are brave enough to add to the landscape is what I really love. How stunning does the Pompidou Centre’s glass cube look when contrast with the gorgeous greenery and the Cathedral peeping out?


Then there is the more traditional rustic beauty of Spain, the moorish influences that create such a relaxed vibe. On the left is the courtyard as you enter the restored Monda castle hotel (I do love a peacock chair) and the right is the doorway and beautiful floor of Malaga cathedral.

The thing that inspires me the most about Spain is the way it has fully embraced upcycling in everyday design.


The use of pallets to create lounge areas around Malaga port, paired with the yacht club backdrop and glam parasols they fit perfectly into the environment of a busy, new port.


Back to the Monda castle hotel (I really need to do a post on this place in it’s own right as it’s just jawdropingly beautiful), a boutique hotel bar adding to it’s seating area with singer base tables.


I couldn’t leave out these cool tables spotted at a wine bar in Mijas (despite the rubbish photo…blame the distraction of Cava), old pesetas (remember those from pre euro?) have been inlayed in the shape of a bunch of grapes (how ideal for a little wine bar?).

Can’t wait to visit again and discover even more of this beautiful region of Spain, have you any must visits for us? If you fancy reading more check out my post on Barcelona from last year.

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