A Tropical Master Bedroom Makeover

10 months ago (I know, I know times flies) I posted that we’d started a little revamp of our master bedroom, inspired by our tropical dining room set at the Ideal Home show in Manchester…I am very happy to tell you that we’ve FINALLY completed it. What can I say? Life, Work, Travel, Love all get in the way sometimes and I’m completely fine with that as making memories is my number one priority (with interiors being a very, very close second of course). Anyway it’s finally here, we used or upcycled what we had as much as possible and added some new bits too from one of our go-to favourite stores, then Nordgreen got it touch to kindly gift us ‘his & hers’ watches for our bedside tables to complete the room perfectly.

Here’s what we’ve done/bought

The walls were already painted in Farrow & Ball‘s Elephant’s Breath which we are really happy with. It’s the perfect shade to help you relax in the bedroom and works well with the green shades we were planning to add. We wallpapered the wall behind the bed in Banano by Coordonne, which I’d used in the Ideal Home Show and completely fell in love with. To balance the room and bring the large wardrobe into the design of the room I wallpapered the  doors and drawers to match, I’m really happy with the results and as we completed the wardrobe around 8 months ago I can say it has done well in the durability test too. Have you ever wallpapered a wardrobe? Would you?


As this was an affordable makeover I wanted to reuse the Hillarys blinds so I bravely dyed them in the washing machine using Dylon‘s all in one dye pods in Olive Green. These we’re so much easier to use than I anticipated and there was no mess at all. I used one pod per blind and I’m really happy with the results (we also sleep much better now that the blinds are darker).


To revamp my slightly dated mirrored dressing table (there’s no way I could get rid of it as it has sentimental value) I painted some mdf with chalkboard paint and cut it to the drawer size then glued it in place. It’s added a little edge to the piece and I can scribble whatever motivational quotes I fancy on the fronts – win win!

I shopped our home for a new bedside table in the shape of a little hide stool and brought our cream Barcelona chair into the room to complement the cream in the wardrobe. The large sack cushion I’d made for the pew in our dining area but I think looks much better thrown on the bed, what do you think?


To add some extra personality I framed some of our photographs from our travels on the wall between the windows and stacked some of my huge collection of interiors magazines underneath to create an interesting little feature.


Once we’d achieved all of the above there wasn’t much left to do but style the space. The Illumin pendant light is customised to match the room with wallpaper offcuts and I draped a bulb holder with a large globe bulb around the giant cactus to create a new bedside lamp. The items I ended up purchasing new were: the faux grey sheepskin, recycled leather black rug, cork storage box, recycled green glass bottle vase and some new grey bedding, all found in one of La Redoute‘s infamous 40% off sales.

The finishing touches come in the form of some stylish skincare products, my green tassel earrings, books and our beautiful new Nordgreen watches. We chose the Philosopher watch face in silver as it’s a large watch with a date feature which we both find really handy. We went for matching grey straps for the days we fancy twinning and a black strap for Mr LMH & brown for me, for the days we don’t.  Nordgreen have a huge focus on the sustainability of their watches and have a very generous charity program which is why I was very happy to promote them in this post.

What do you think? Definitely changed the look of the room don’t you think? And how beautiful are our new watches? More photos on Instagram & Pinterest.


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